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The Truth

**Warning: Explicit Language**
**This message isn’t meant to be some pleasant story for enthusiastic readers who enjoy peaceful literature. This is intended to wake you the fuck up and rattle your head into reality. If you don’t like the language used, by all means stop reading right now. The language is intended to put emphasis on the painful truth that most people do not want to hear as it is.**

Truth is… we all hate to hear the truth. We have become comfortable in a world full of lies, a world that shuns and despises the truth when it desperately crys out to be heard. We’ve become complacent in a fake sense of reality so much that it has become true to us, when it is in fact the polar opposite. Our false conceptions have misguided our lives, directing us onto a path of self destruction. What do I mean by this?

You wake up at noon and have to go into work from 2-10 and complain that you have no time in the day to do the things you like. You become disgusted with your size when you look in the mirror, yet you stop to get fastfood when hitting the road. You whine about not having enough money, but still you go out drinking with your friends every weekend. You get frustrated when you have to get work done last minute, yet you procrastinate on every project thrown your way. You become angry because your life is a total mess, but still you don’t sit down and try to organize it. You get even more angry because your relationships are falling apart, but you still always try to argue and win against the ones you love. You now start to become depressed because nothing in life seems to go right for you anymore. You start pointing fingers and tossing the blame on everything and everyone around you. You think “that wasn’t my fault, so why am I suffering?” You justify problems with excuses because that’s all you can do, then turn around and ask “what am I doing wrong?” Besides, you’re not the one to blame right?

FUCK THAT! This is your God damn life, so man the fuck up and take some responsibility!
Need more time in the day? Wake up earlier and stop sleeping in so much!
Want to look healthy and not be disgusted with that person in the mirror? Stop fucking eating at Taco Bell every time you drive by it!
Want to start having money in the bank? Looks like your drinking habit is something you can cut out!
Don’t want to stress out over a project last minute? Just get it done right away!
Tired of your life being a mess? Sit down and straighten that shit out!
Relationships going bad? Stop fighting your point and try to listen to theirs!

Most of all, if you think it’s the fault of everything around you for life sucking major balls lately, you’re DEAD FUCKING WRONG. You are a coward and a fool to point fingers at others when you have TOTAL CONTROL of your life. Not ONE FUCKING PERSON is holding you back from having the life you want. The only thing holding you down is the lies that you have told yourself on a daily basis! If you want something, you get up and work your ass off to get it every day! Success, love and happiness do not magically appear like they do in your fantasies. You gotta work for that shit.

When you look in the mirror tomorrow, ask yourself what YOU are doing wrong and what YOU need to do to fix it! Life doesn’t wait forever. If you don’t act now, you’ll just be a memory of nobody.

Instead of wasting my night playing Xbox, I’m going to invest it in bettering myself. This man actually spoke at my Fresh Start Orientation for SVSU in 2012, and I just got a copy of the book from Bryan Crainer from Student Life. I’m going to learn from a man who has exactly what I’m looking for and is doing exactly what I dream of doing: Motivational Speaking. #Dreams #DreamBig #Motivation #MotivationalSpeaking #TakeTheStairs #Reading #Book #Investing #PersonalDevelopment

Happy Mother’s Day to the single most important woman in my life. You are so strong and beautiful, and an inspiration to many people, including me. I know I can get on your nerves a lot but you know that I still love you. Thank you for always having my back. I love you Madre! @onefitmomma87 #MothersDay #Mom #Madre #Strong #Beautiful #Inspirational #Amazing #Family #Parent #LoveHer

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